Green Mango
Software/Web Developer



Approximately 8.5 years of experiences with Java technologies, including multi-tiered Java/J2EE application, web applications and desktop applications. My working experiences and knowledge also includes in Swift, Macromedia Flash (ActionScript 2 and 3), EJB, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Wicket, Tapestry, Servlet, iReport (JasperReport), Javascripts, JQuery, SQL scripts (PostgreSQL, MSSQL and MySQL), Html, CSS, Resin, Ant, Maven, Python, Weblogic, Apache HTTP Server and more.

I am more of a backend developer with abilities to setup environment (Linux) but I also express interests in the front end through the last few years - I started working with AngularJS in my own time building free small web applications for others to enjoy and most recently I put my hands onto Swift and love it! Built a timesheet app for Test and Tag so far and another Job Cards app on the way.

I have a super busy toddler to look after in my free time. I am not much a crafter but I found myself making some bows for my daughter after she was born! I am also a firm believer in baby wearing. Baby wearing rocks! Have you ever tried to leave your pram at home but wear your baby out and about? You baby will sleep like an angel and in return you have free hands (yes both!) to yourself. My latest interests is of course - parenting! And pay it forward! I am working on a personal project in my free time Tiny Acorns , I am hoping this is going to bring a new concept of swapping and helping kiwi parents to save money buying kids gears

I am also an animal lover. We used to breed cats, we have 4 cats, 1 dog and 2 rabbits at the moment and are always looking for any opportunities to expand this zoo family. I have a personal Pet hobby Facebook fan page running too - Paws Office.

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